Solar Decathlon Europe 2012

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Solar Decathlon Europe 2012

The Solar Decathlon Europe is an international competition that challenges collegiate teams to design and build houses powered exclusively by the sun. The winner of the competition is the team able to score the most points in 10 contests.The 10 contests are:

    Contest 1: Architecture
    Contest 2: Engineering & Construction
    Contest 3: Energy Efficiency
    Contest 4: Electrical Energy Balance
    Contest 5: Comfort Conditions
    Contest 6: House Functioning
    Contest 7: Communication and Social Awareness
    Contest 8: Industrialization & Market Viability
    Contest 9: Innovation
    Contest 10: Sustainability

The Solar Decathlon 2012 will occur 14/9/2012 - 30/9/2012 in Villa Solar in Madrid.

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